Best Master's Degrees in Communication in Kentucky

Comms & Media Studies master’s graduates in Kentucky earn a weighted average salary of $44,747 3 years after graduation, placing them in the bottom 25% nationally.

Our comms & media studies graduate rankings cover 0 of the 7 programs available in Kentucky, accounting for 0% of total student graduates. We only include schools with sufficient earnings and/or debt data.

Cost of living is not considered when comparing states.

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Ranking methodology

University of Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky

Economic score N/A

The Economic Score is the combination of debt-to-earnings ratio and earningsplus. We use the economic score to determine a graduate program’s rank. The lower the economic score the better. For an analysis of how we arrive at the economic score, and a description of our data sources, please visit our methodology page.

Earnings $44,747

Median earnings of all students 3 years after graduating.

Debt to earnings N/A

The debt-to-earnings ratio is calculated by dividing student debt upon graduation by the annual salary. A debt to earnings ratio of 1 means that annual educational debt is the same as annual earnings.

Debt N/A

The total debt accrued by the median student at the time of graduation.


How much do graduates with a master's degree in comms & media studies earn in Kentucky?



The median master's degree in comms & media studies graduate earns $44,747 3 years after graduating.

How much does a master's degree in comms & media studies cost in Kentucky?

Net cost


The average annual cost of a master's degree in comms & media studies is $14,434. This is the net cost and considers only students that have received Title IV funds.