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The University of Wyoming in Laramie is the only 4-year school in the state, though there is a network of 2-year colleges servicing local communities. Wyoming is a member of the Western Undergraduate Exchange, allowing residents to enroll in public colleges and universities located in 16 member states at a cost no more than 150% the in-state tuition. The University of South Dakota specifically offers Wyoming residents in-state tuition pricing.

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Net cost: The median annual cost of all students that receive any aid. This does not refer to the “sticker price”, the price listed by the college.

Earnings: The median earnings of all bachelor-level students 10 years after enrollment. This includes both students that do and do not graduate, across all majors.

Payback: The amount of time in years it takes to pay off the median net cost by the median earnings. For this calculation, the median earning of high school graduates (in the school’s home state) are deducted from the median earnings.

Degree premium: The difference between the school’s median earnings and the median earnings for all schools in the same state. This is called “Vs. state average” in school profiles below.

Ranking: The payback rate is divided by the degree premium (set as a percentage), the lower the number the higher the rank. (i.e. payback=1, degree premium 20% higher than state school median: 1/120% = .883.

Net cost
Degree premium
Ranking methodology
#1 in Wyoming

University of Wyoming

Laramie, Wyoming

Admission rate: 95%

Grad rate: 59%

Net cost: $12,159

Payback: 2.8 Years

Earnings: $50,685

Vs. state average: - $0

Economic score: 2.81

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