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Kristen Parillo

Kristen Parillo, MS RN, is a nurse educator who specializes in active learning in a flipped classroom environment. She acquired her master’s in nursing education in 2020 and her primary interest lies in the care of marginalized populations with a specialty in psychiatric nursing. In 2000 she first started working as a registered nurse in mental health. She completed her bachelor’s in psychology in 2006 and her bachelor’s in nursing in 2015. Becoming an educator has allowed her to combine her passion for mental health nursing and her lifelong love of writing. Outside of the classroom, Kristen teaches the public about mental health initiatives and passionately advocates for the care and rights of the mentally ill. She was a volunteer after hurricane Katrina in 2005 in the lower 9th of New Orleans Louisiana and volunteers for many local organizations. She has many various interests including organic micro farming, history, travelling, languages, ice-fishing, and camping. In her spare time, she runs her small farm in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains with a focus on organics and sustainability. She is currently developing the plans for a food forest on her land and can often be found working in her gardens alongside her trusty flock of chickens.

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