Our story

Our company was created on the belief that education creates equality

Choosing a degree or career path is probably the most impactful decision we ever make. Statistics show a disconnect in higher-education marketing and the way people look for study opportunities online. Degreechoices.com was founded with a very clear purpose, to simplify this very complex choice.

Without having access to the relevant information, potential students are deterred from even the first step of making an application to the course that may change their future. We offer free access to the crucial information needed to identify, select and support the desire for a quality education.

The company was started by Ory Weihs in 2020. Ory has a successful track record as a founder and advisor of a variety of companies in the online marketing, comparison and technology sectors.

“I have always felt that education deserves the highest quality information sources. We have put together a team of individuals dedicated to this purpose.

Coming from different backgrounds – academics, healthcare professionals, educators, large tech and so on – will help us continually shape Degreechoices.com, and our future sites, into our vision of a service that is both helpful and easy to use.”

Ory Weihs

Ory Wheis

Deciding on an educational path is the first hurdle. Our vision is to get students over this challenge, by using our collective knowledge and experience, to help others develop and further themselves.