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COVID vaccine in Colleges – Degree Choices

Degree Choices has compiled a database of colleges across the U.S. based on their implementation of COVID vaccination and mask mandates.

November 22, 2021 | by DegreeChoices Staff

What to do if you’re failing a class, a semester or a degree

It can be stressful knowing you're failing a class, semester, or entire degree, but there are steps you can take to get back on track. Learn how here.

November 22, 2021 | by DegreeChoices Staff

Getting the support you need at college

Making the transition to college is a challenge academically and mentally. Find out what resources are available to students to help them succeed.

November 12, 2021 | by Jacqueline Belanger

The meteoric rise of varsity esports

Esports has come of age and gone to college. From varsity to professional esports, the industry is booming, and colleges are catching on.

November 2, 2021 | by Brandes Gress

Extracurricular activities on campus

Many extracurricular activities are available to students to meet new people and enhance their college experience.

November 1, 2021 | by Tom Czaban

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A step-by-step guide to studying overseas

Everything you need to think about before you get packing, including where to go and...

October 21, 2021 | by DegreeChoices Staff

How to recognize and deal with depression at college

Depression is common among college students. Discover in our guide how to recognize the signs...

July 27, 2021 | by Ana Mcginley

How to manage learning differences when preparing for college

Being a diverse learner shouldn't deter you from pursuing a college degree. Learn about the...

June 17, 2021 | by Leah Glennon

How to gain research experience as a student

Research experience helps boost academic understanding with real-world knowledge. Find out how and why you...

June 17, 2021 | by Jeremie Oliver

Coping as a college student during a pandemic

A look into how isolation from COVID-19 has affected college students, campus life, and ways...

March 23, 2021 | by Tamsin Copans

Will universities mandate COVID19 vaccinations?

As universities consider their plans to reopen, a decision needs to be made about compulsory...

March 17, 2021 | by Dewilka Simons

Online vs on-campus courses

This article by the team at Degree Choices looks at the pros and cons of...

January 27, 2021 | by Ana Mcginley

Tips to succeed for online learning courses

Read useful tips on focus and commitment, time management skills, and internet requirements to improve...

December 15, 2020 | by John O'Keefe

University culture shock

Some new students are overwhelmed by the experience and ill-equipped with the skills needed to...

November 22, 2020 | by Sarka Kadlecova